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Kings of Leon – Discografia

Kings of Leon é uma banda de rock composta de três irmãos e um primo, vinda de Mt Juliet, Tennessee, que toca uma mistura de Southern rock e garage rock.

Os integrantes da banda são os irmãos Nathan Followill (bateria/backing vocals), Caleb Followill (vocal/rhythm guitarra), Jared Followill (baixo) e o primo Matthew Followill (guitarra).

Youth & Young Manhood

  1. Red Morning Light
  2. Happy Alone
  3. Wasted Time
  4. Joe’s Head
  5. Trani
  6. California Waiting
  7. Spiral Staircase
  8. Molly’s Chambers
  9. Genius
  10. Dusty
  11. Holy Roller Novocaine


Aha Shake Heartbreak

  1. Slow Night, So Long
  2. Kong of the Rodeo
  3. Taper Jean Girl
  4. Pistol of Fire
  5. Milk
  6. The Bucket
  7. Soft
  8. Razz
  9. Day Old Blues
  10. Four Kicks
  11. Velvet Snow
  12. Rememo
  13. Where Nobody Knows


Because of the Times

  1. Knocked Up
  2. Charmer
  3. On Call
  4. McFearless
  5. Black Thumbnail
  6. My Party
  7. True Love Way
  8. Ragoo
  9. Fans
  10. The Runner
  11. Trunk
  12. Camaro
  13. Arizona


Only By the Night

  1. Closer
  2. Crawl
  3. Sex on Fire
  4. Use Somebody
  5. Manhattan
  6. Revelry
  7. 17
  8. Notion
  9. I Want You
  10. Be Somebody
  11. Cold Desert



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Less Than Jake – Discografia

Como vai ter show deles no próximo domingo, aqui vai a discografia de uma das melhores bandas de ska punk: Less Than Jake! Apesar de ter escrito discografia no titulo desse post, não coloquei todos os albuns aqui para download, somente os de estudio e um que eles tocam as musicas do musical Grease. Para que as pessoas conhecam a banda, com o tempo vou colocando os outros!

Less Than Jake é uma banda americana de ´ska-punk´, natural de Gainesville, Flórida, formada em 1992 originalmente como um trio power pop, com fortes influências de hardcore e punk rock. A banda é conhecida entre os fãs pelo elevado senso de humor e pela fixação que eles têm pelos drops Pez.

  1. Liquor Store
  2. My Very Own Flag
  3. Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts
  4. Big
  5. Shotgun
  6. Black Coffee
  7. Throw the Brick
  8. Growing Up on a Couch
  9. Blindsided
  10. Downbeat
  11. Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore
  12. Out of the Crowd
  13. Robo
  14. Where in the Hell is Mike Sinkovich?
  15. Process
  16. Three Quarts Drunk
  17. Boomtown
  18. Short on Ideas
  19. One Last Cigarette
  20. Jeffersons
  21. Laverne & Shirley


Losing Streak
  1. Automatic
  2. Happyman
  3. 9th at Pine
  4. Sugar in Your Gas Tank
  5. Shindo
  6. 107
  7. Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts
  8. Krazy Glue
  9. Never Going Back to New Jersey
  10. How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?
  11. Just Like Frank
  12. Ask the Magic 8 Ball
  13. Dopeman
  14. Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore
  15. Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
  16. Lockdown


  1. Summer Nights
  2. You’re the One That I Want
  3. Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee
  4. Greased Lightning
  5. Hopelessly Devoted to You
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Beauty School Dropout
  8. We Go Together


Hello Rockview
  1. Last One Out of Liberty City
  2. Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding
  3. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
  4. Five State Drive
  5. Nervous in the Alley
  6. Motto
  7. History of a Boring Town
  8. Great American Sharpshooter
  9. Danny Says
  10. Big Crash
  11. Theme Song for H Street
  12. Richard Allen George… No, It’s Just Cheez
  13. Scott Farcas Takes it on the Chin
  14. Al’s War


Borders & Boundaries
  1. Magnetic North
  2. Kehoe
  3. Suburban Myth
  4. Look What Happened
  5. Hell Looks a Lot Like L.A.
  6. Mr. Chevy Celebrity
  7. Gainesville Rock City
  8. Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You’ve Got Problems
  9. Bad Scene and a Basement Show
  10. Is This Thing On?
  11. Pete Jackson Is Getting Married
  12. 1989
  13. Last Hour of the Last Day of Work
  14. Bigger Picture
  15. Faction


  1. Welcome to the New South
  2. The Ghosts of Me and You
  3. Look What Happened (The Last Time)
  4. The Science of Selling Yourself Short
  5. Short Fuse Burning
  6. Motown Never Sounded So Good
  7. The Upwards War and the Down Turned Cycle
  8. Escape From the A-Bomb House
  9. Best Wishes to Your Black Lung
  10. She’s Gonna Break Soon
  11. That’s Why They Call It a Union
  12. Plastic Cup Politics
  13. The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out/Screws Fall Out
  14. Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover)


In With the Out Crowd
  1. Soundtrack of My Life
  2. A Still Life Franchise
  3. Overrated (Everything Is)
  4. Fall Apart
  5. In-Dependence Day
  6. Don’t Fall Asleep on the Subway
  7. Landmines and Landslides
  8. The Rest of My Life
  9. Mostly Memories
  10. Let Her Go
  11. Hopeless Case
  12. P.S. Shock the World


  1. City of Gainesville
  2. The State of Florida
  3. Does the Lion City Still Roar?
  4. Summon Monsters
  5. Abandon Ship
  6. Handshake Meet Pokerface
  7. Settling Son
  8. Malachi Richter’s Liquor’s Quicker
  9. Golden Age of My Negative Ways
  10. The Space They Can’t Touch
  11. Conviction Notice
  12. This One is Going to Leave a Bruise
  13. The Life of the Party Has Left the Building
  14. Devil in My DNA


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Rise Against – Discografia

Rise Against é uma banda de hardcore melódico formada em Chicago. Influenciados pelos pioneiros do punk old school tais como Bad Religion, Minor Threat e Bad Brains. Após o fim da banda 88 Fingers Louie, os ex-membros Joe Principe e Mr. Precision, resolvem fundar os Rise Against, originalmente chamados Transistor Revolt. Em 2000 lançam sua primeira demo, Transistor Revolt, e um ano após, fecham contrato com a Fat Wreck Chords para lançar os seus dois primeiros álbuns, The Unraveling (2001) e Revolutions Per Minute (2003). Em agosto de 2004, lançam Siren Song of The Counter Culture, o seu disco de estréia com uma grande editora, a Geffen Records. Em 2005 é lançada uma remasterização de The Unraveling pela Fat Wreck Chords. Em 2006, os Rise Against lançam o seu segundo álbum pela Geffen Records, The Sufferer & The Witness, aclamado por muitos como o melhor trabalho da banda. Em dezembro de 2006, lançam o seu primeiro DVD, chamado Generation Lost, que contém um documentário sobre a banda, cinco videoclipes, ‘making of’ de dois videoclipes e apresentações ao vivo. Em julho de 2007, enquanto estavam em digressão pelo Canadá, lançaram um EP intitulado This is Noise. Atualmente estão em turnê para divulgar o novo álbum Appeal to Reason, lançado em outubro de 2008.


The Unraveling

  1. Alive and Well
  2. My Life Inside Your Hearf
  3. Great Awakening
  4. Six Ways ‘Til Sunday
  5. 401 Kill
  6. Art of Losing
  7. Remains of Summer Memories
  8. Unraveling
  9. Reception Fades
  10. Stained Glass and Marble
  11. Everchanging
  12. Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
  13. 3 Day Weekend
  14. 1000 Good Intentions
  15. Weight of Time
  16. Faint Resemblance
  17. Join the Ranks
  18. Gethsemane


Revolutions Per Minute

  1. Black Masks & Gasoline
  2. Heaven Knows
  3. Dead Ringer
  4. Halfway There
  5. Like the Angel
  6. Voices Off Camera
  7. Blood Red, White & Blue
  8. Broken English
  9. Last Chance Blueprint
  10. To The Core
  11. Torches
  12. Amber Changing
  13. Anyway You Want It (Cover Journey)
  14. Generation Lost
  15. Gethsame
  16. Obstructed View


Siren Song of the Counter Culture

  1. State of the Union
  2. The First Drop
  3. Life Less Frightening
  4. Paper Wings
  5. Blood to Bleed
  6. To Them These Streets Belong
  7. Tip the Scales
  8. Anywhere But Here
  9. Give It All
  10. Dancing For Rain
  11. Swing Life Away
  12. Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


The Suffer & The Witness

  1. Chamber The Cartridge
  2. Injection
  3. Ready to Fall
  4. Bricks
  5. Under the Knife
  6. Prayer of the Refugee
  7. Drones
  8. The Approaching Curve
  9. Worth Dying For
  10. Behind Closed Doors
  11. Roadside
  12. The Good Left Undone
  13. Survive


This Is Noise [EP]

  1. Boys No Good
  2. Fix Me
  3. Obstructed View
  4. But Tonight We Dance
  5. Nervous Breakdown


Appeal to Reason

  1. Collapse (Post-Amerika
  2. Long Forgotten Sons
  3. Re-Education (Through Labor)
  4. The Dirt Whispered
  5. Kotov Syndrome
  6. From Heads University
  7. The Strength To Go On
  8. Audience Of One
  9. Entertainment
  10. Hero Of War
  11. Savior
  12. Hairline Fracture
  13. Whereabouts Unknown


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